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GBC Fusion 3100L A3


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A3 Laminator is ideal for the frequent home or office user

The GBC Fusion 3100L A3 laminator is a quick and user-friendly laminator that increases productivity and keeps important documents free from wear and tear. Simply turn on, select the required pouch thickness, wait 1 minute for the green light and audible beep to signal the machine is ready then go. The Fusion 3100L features an adjustable pouch guide to keep documents perfectly aligned, an auto alert that will warn you if a pouch is being misfed and a manual release button in case of a misfeed. The Fusion 3100L is so fast that it can laminate an A4 document in a 2x75 micron pouch in less than 20 seconds!

Ideal for the frequent home or office user, the Fusion 3100L A3 laminating machine guarantees great results fast. Stylish and compact, it is ready to use in 1 minute and laminates a single document up to A3 size in around 20 seconds using 2x75 micron pouches. Designed for use with 2x75 to 2x175 micron pouches. An adjustable pouch guide and an exit tray keep documents precisely aligned and perfectly flat.


Ideal machine for a regular user or mid-sized office with moderate laminating requirements.
Warms up in 1 minute.
Laminates an A3 document in around 20 seconds using a 2x75 micron pouch.
Laminates from ID to A3 size.
Switch instantly between pouch thickness with the touch of a button
Green light and audible beep indicates when ready.
2-year warranty..


Code 4400750eu
Color --------------
Dimensions 501 x 97 x 146
Pouch Thickness 175 mic
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 2.78

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