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GBC Foton 30 Automated Laminator


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The World’s first fully automated laminating.

With the GBC Foton 30 auto feed laminator you'll save time laminating with the worlds first fully automatic office laminator. You simply load your documents in the Auto Feed tray, press the start button and it automatically laminates. Load, press, done! Easy load cartridge technology for perfect laminated documents time after time. Ideal for offices with regular lamination requirements.

Lamination Made Simple

From start to finish, the GBC Foton 30 simplifies the lamination process. Just place documents in the tray, press start and walk away. You can save up to 98% of your time compared to manual pouch lamination. 


No More Pouches

This machine uses auto-threading film cartridges, which means you no longer need to open individual pouches and feed them one-by-one. Plus, the cartridge can only load one way, which eliminates film loading errors.



Create flawless documents at the touch of a button. The GBC Foton 30 automatically detects film thickness, straightens papers as it feeds, controls spacing and trims the finished documents for neat and even results.

Introducing the world’s first fully-automated desktop laminator with auto-cartridge! The GBC Foton 30 does all the work for you. Simply place your documents in the tray, press start and walk away.

  • Machine feeds, laminates and trims automatically, giving you time to multitask on other projects
  • Pouch-free design makes lamination as easy as pressing a button. Machine automatically starts once warmed up.
  • Film cartridges are auto-threading. Just place the cartridge inside and close the lid. 50' starter cartridge included.
  • 3 mode options let you laminate letter size pages, oversize documents and odd shapes. Load up to 30 letter size sheets in the Auto-Feeder.
  • Laminate up to 230 documents per cartridge. A sensor controls spacing to minimize film waste and prevent jams.
  • Auto deskew straightens pages so they feed evenly. Other features include auto shut off and mil thickness detection. Comes with 2 year or 5,000 laminate warranty.


Automatically laminates up to 30 A4 or A3 documents at a time.
Easy load film cartridges will laminate up to 250 A4 documents - available in 75, 100 & 125 micron.
Automatic auto feed paper alignment for perfect laminated documents every time.
Manual lamination mode for heavy weight paper or non standard shaped documents, up to 250gsm.
Supplied with 75 micron starter cartridge (15,2m appr 60 laminates).
Intuitive control panel allows easy switching between automatic and manual mode settings.
Low film indicator light to let you know when cartridge needs replacing.
Intelligent power save function.
2 year guarantee.


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Dimensions 580 x 250 x 440
Weight 11.58

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