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Which paper shredder?

Shredders, the perfect machine for destroying secret or private documents, but picking the right shredder isn't quite as straightforward as you may have once thought. Cross- and confetti-cut shredders definitely offer the most security because they can tear your paper into countless pieces. Therefore, it is a safe bet that this type of personal shredder is a good investment for destroying documents embedded with your confidential information. Different paper shredders are built to handle different amounts of paper at a time and to operate for different lengths of time before needing a break. The security level classification is normally printed on the packaging material of the shredder and this must be studied prior to purchase the type that is needed.

If you need to shred 25 sheets of paper at a time, buy one that will shred up to 30 sheets of paper at a time. However, even if you don't have a lot documents to get rid of you should consider purchasing a heavy duty model that will at least handle the odd paper clip or staple.

Budget - If you are shopping for a personal paper shredder for your home and are planning to only shred a handful of papers a day or less, you will be able to find a paper shredder for under R2000 that fits your needs. A cross cut shredder would annihilate your identity which would not be the case with a strip cut shredder. A shredder can be a great investment to get you through tax season and far beyond. Strip cut paper shredders: These devices are good for home uses and for destroying non-classified business documents.

It's just the same in professional situations, as paper shredders give company owners and customers the peace of mind knowing that their company is taking proper steps in maintaining utmost security. This is based on the size of the cut pieces it produces - the smaller the piece, the higher the security level. Commercial paper shredders are generally designed to shred about 2,000 sheets of paper at a time.

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