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What businesses want from a shredder?

In recent years, Rexel Shredder Brands has conducted extensive research into what businesses want from their shredders. It is possible to divide businesses’ main needs into three main categories: security, productivity and value for money.


When businesses are asked how they choose a shredder, security is naturally a key consideration – not surprisingly, considering their oligations with regard to confidentiality and data protection. A 2010 survey of small office users, conducted by Deep Blue Insight, 11 found that 42% of people say the security level of the cut is a “very important” part of decision process when choosing a paper shredder.

Security cut types explained:

• Each cut type shreds an A4 document into a number of pieces
• The larger the number of pieces the greater the security level
• The greater the security level the more you can fit in the bin before it is full

Cross Cut P-4 Confidential Security - Over 400 pieces
Cross Cut P-3 General Security - Over 200 pieces
Strip Cut P-2 Basic Security - Approx. 35 pieces

P-3 and P-4 are ideal for home use or any corporate environment requiring confidential security.
P-2 offers basic security for documents without any sensitive information.

Super Micro Cut P-6 Ultra High Security - Over 6,000 pieces
Top Secret P-7 Top Secret Security - Approx. 12,500 pieces
Micro Cut P-5 High Security - Over 2,000 pieces

Ideal for legal, financial, government and other high security environments.


While security is a key part of buying a shredder, users have several frustrations with traditional, manual-feed shredders. For example, the 2010 survey of small office users in the around the world said the biggest problems for users were having a shredder that jams (64%) and taking too long to shred a stack of documents (48%). Other frustrations include frequent stopping for the shredder to cool down (46%) and frequent bin emptying (43%). Issues such as these have a knock-on impact on an organisation’s productivity. The research also shows that traditional, manual-fed shredders do not suit the way that many business users shred. While 47% of people “shred as they go” – shredding a document immediately whenever the need arises – as many as 53% either have an area where they keep documents that need to be shredded, or have a routine about filing documents and tend to shred in batches. Shredding Preferences Relating to Security and Productivity
Source: Evaluating Auto Feed Shredders. Prepared for Rexel Shredder Brands by Deep Blue Insight.

Introducing the world’s first Auto Feed shredder: Shredder Brands leads the way In 2008, in order to meet consumer needs, Rexel Shredder Brands introduced the world’s first Auto Feed shredder: the game-changing Rexel Auto Plus 500.

This Auto Feed shredder changed the way that business people shred. Instead of spending time feeding documents manually into a shredder, a busy executive could simply stack the documents to be shredded, close the lid – and let the machine shred the documents automatically. From 2011, starting with the Rexel Auto+ 100X, we introduced a range of award-winning Cross Cut models, which can shred from 60 to 750 sheets of paper – suitable for anyone from the single user to more than 20 people. After the launch of the range, Auto Feed shredders won the EOPA 2013 award for “Technology Product of the Year”.Then in 2014, we went one further – and launched a range of four Micro Cut models – the 100M, 300M, 500M and 750M. These Auto Feed models, which can shred from 100 to 750 sheets, shred the paper into more than 2,000 tiny pieces, which increases the amount of shredded paper the bin can hold before needing emptying. As of spring 2016, Rexel is the only brand of Auto Feed shredders to offer a complete Micro Cut range. How Auto Feed shredders meet client needs But Auto Feed shredders aren’t merely ground-breaking and award-winning. Importantly, they meet client needs of security, productivity, and value for money:

Choose from Cross Cut and Micro Cut models.
4-digit PIN code lock ensures only the original user can leave their documents.

98% Faster
Only 14 seconds to feed 500 sheets into an Auto Feed shredder

Can cost up to 90% less than using a Manual Feed shredder.