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The convenience of video conferencing software solution is: your office can be anywhere in the world. Business meetings can take place comfortably in your home. No interruptions no matter what world city you find yourself in. As long as the internet speed is stable on both sides, it will feel like you are in the same room.

The year 2020 will be seen as the year many people switched to with the option of work from home. 

Remote work is not an enticing option, and employer branding benefit anymore. What used to be a bread and butter for freelancers and an essence of the digital nomad lifestyle, now has become a must for companies and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Efficient online communication between managers and employees, within teams, and between business partners and outside consultants has turned into a top priority. Among the number of types of collaboration and project management tools, video conferencing and webinars play a huge role.

Here at ClickMeeting, we distinguish two major types of online events:

Those daily online meetings serve perfectly for being on the same page with the rest of the team and sharing insights and experiences.

As a manager, you can team up with your colleagues and partners, or conduct a town-hall meeting with C-level executives, in one virtual conference room and:

As the ease of use is ClickMeeting’s middle name, we want to make it even more straightforward for you by handing over to you our latest “Remote work with ClickMeeting” guide.…and a detailed video tutorial:

The first month of the new reality – who needed ClickMeeting

There is no doubt – the last couple of weeks have been hectic for us. We needed to face an immense increase in traffic, the number of new accounts, and inquiries. Our IT department has been working 24/7 to manage it all perfectly, and our Customer Success Team replies on all email with the help of Marketing, SEO, and Legal Departments.

Online communication for online education

After scaling up our infrastructure and stabilizing the system, we can take a look back at March’s 2020 stats and see what kind of organizations decided to use the ClickMeeting platform for their online communication.

Here they are:

So, as you can see, educational institutions turned out to be the most motivated to implement webinars into their everyday activities.

Thousands of events, millions of attendees

On the 17th of February, we released our yearly State of Webinars. This report wraps up last year’s statistics concerning the overall number of online events organized on ClickMeeting, the number of attendees, and many other metrics.

The report serves now as a useful benchmark to recognize the scale of what was going on in March 2020.

The numbers prove that our commitment to helping you with switching entirely to online communication was worthwhile:

Online communication – make it happen with us

The current situation is utterly challenging and requires quick and bold decisions. For millions of organizations all over the globe, it means switching to 100% online communication.

At this point, we want to thank you for your trust and friendly feedback we receive every day. We also declare that we are not going to stop upscaling our infrastructure and pursuing further development of our webinar platform.

We have one ultimate goal – to help you stay connected.

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