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At FlexiQ Systems cc, you can rely on our sales team to assist you with your office needs. And when you become one of our customers, you'll join hundreds of happy customers from all over Southern Africa. It is not just our products that promise your satisfaction but also our exceptional customer servicefast delivery process, and efficient online and offline services. Everything that links to FlexiQ Systems is focused on keeping our clients happy!

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Our Contact Details:

VAT NO: 4600222139
Tel: 012 3771093
980 Mineral Street, Claremont, Pretoria

Shredder Oil

Shredder Oil 125ml x1 = R160 Incl. VAT
Shredder Oil 125ml x2 = R220 Incl. VAT
Shredder Oil 125ml x3 = R300 Incl. VAT
Shredder Oil 125ml x4 = R360 Incl. VAT
Shredder Oil 125ml x5 = R400 Incl. VAT
*Delivery To Major Cities Only

Our Product Range:

Binding Machines
Laminating Machines
Air Purifiers
Glass Whiteboards
Interactive Whiteboards

*All prices including delivery.
Delivery time: 3 to 5 Business Days.