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Thermal Binding Machines (*Request a quote)

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Thermal binding machine: gives your documents a smooth, book-like finish. This type of binding is ideal for reports and proposals. Suitable for heavy and frequent use, thermal binders are quick and can bind up to 400 sheets.

Comb binding machine: is ideal for perfect for presentations. Comb binding is a flexible and cost-effective way to bind any document up to 500 pages. It’s easy to use - pages lie flat and can be easily added or removed as required. This type of binding is best for frequently handled documents.

Wire binding machine: gives your documents a stylish, top-quality finish that is permanent and secure. Wire binding creates impressive documents for the home or office. Pages lie flat and bound documents rotate 360 degrees for easy viewing. Wire binding is non-modifiable, so you won’t be able to add or remove pages once you’re done.