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Why do you need a shredder for paper? Shredders are used to permanently destroy paper and documents so they can't be read. Shredders are especially useful if you run a business or want to make sure your personal information stays private. Take part in the fight against identity theft by using a paper shredder to destroy pieces of paper that you do not need if it contains your name, address or telephone number, your national insurance number or your banking details. A shredder will come in handy if you have old utility bills or bank statements, or put payment slips that are more than a year old through your home. If you have important paperwork that contain personal or private information, it can be time-consuming to ensure that they are properly disposed of, to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. A shredder will make the job easy and ensure that no one can steal your information. If you are looking for a reliable shredder, we can help