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GBC C366E Binding Machine


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Ideal for quick document customisation and upscale office presentations

The GBC C366E binding machine has the binding capacity of 450 sheets and the punch capacity of 30 sheets with an electronic punch. The C366E is fit with useful features such as an 'Auto Centering System' which positions paper for perfectly aligned punching. It's also fitted with the GBC 'Document Separator System' which divides documents ready for punching and the 'Auto Edge System' ensures no more break out at the paper edge and the 'Simply Click' feature which allows fingertip control of comb opening. The C366E binds A4 and A5 sizes.

The CombBind C366E is ideal for high volume, shared use. Electronic paper punching and colour coded ProCombs make binding quicker and easier. It combines a punch capacity of up to 30 80gsm sheets with a binding capability of up to 450 sheets using 51mm spines, handles A4 and A5 sizes and comes with useful features such as auto centring and a paper separator.


Ideal for high volume, shared use.
Binds up to 450 sheets using a 51mm spines.
Electronic punch capacity of up 30 sheets (80gsm).
Quickstep process for error-free fast binding.
Comb opener sets margin and prevents combs from over opening.
Paper separator divides your pages into stacks of 3- to maximise punch efficiency.
2 year warranty.

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Code 2101444
Color Black
Dimensions 236 x 492 x 449
Weight 15.1


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