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What is the best binding machine?

A binding machine is a wonderful way to protect your valuable documents, books, booklets, files, papers, records, and presentations. Not only do you preserve your important information, you add a professional and sophisticated touch and finish to your work. There are many types of binding machines available on the market, including Plastic Comb, Wire, Thermal, Coil, and Strip. The most widely used machines are Plastic Comb, Wire, and Thermal.

Comb Binding Machine

Comb binding machines are perfect for thin booklets and are a very cost-effective way of binding. Comb Binding Machines offer the function of hole punching and binding all in the same compact unit, and can come in manual or electric. Firstly, the holes are punched into the documents, then the machine opens the plastic comb and the documents are inserted over the top. The comb is then released, leaving your work with an easy and practical bind. Comb binding is perfect for school reports and office handouts.

Wire Binding Machine

Wire Binding Machines are similar to comb binding machines in that they require holes to be punched into the sheets prior to binding. The documents are then bound together with flexible wire and the machine will bend and close the wires together. This style of binding is generally used for larger documents and booklets. Wire Binding is a great way to ensure your files and documents are secure, protected from being altered and essentially tamper proof.

Thermal Binding Machine

A Thermal Binding Machine works by heating a pre-glued spine, sealing the documentsThermal Binding Machines together when the glue melts. Thermal binding gives the work a ultra-professional touch and is often used for important documents like legal reports and manuscripts. Thermal binders do not require holes to be punched into the document and offer a simple, yet elegant method of binding. Thermal Binders are regarded as the most high-tech form of binding machines on the market. As such, the range of models available remains exclusive to the aforementioned manufacturers.

Strip Binding Machine

Strip Binding Machines work by binding strips through the punched holes of the paper. The machine then secures the strips with heat.

Coil Binding Machine

Coil Binding Machines are also known as spiral coil machines. These are considered to be a combination of comb and wire binding methods. Coil Binders punch holes into the sheets, then bind the pages with a continuous spiraling plastic coil. The PVC coil is suitable for a wide range of document types.