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Auto Feed Shredders

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Best Shredder Solution For Your Business, Choose Auto Feed.

If you are in the process of buying a shredder for your business, an auto feed machine is a very good choice. The advantage of auto feed shredder is you do not have to feed the paper manually. You just put a pack of paper in the tray at the top, and shredder will start shredding automatically. 

Auto Feed ensures shredding is easy and not time consuming, saving 98% of time compared to manual shredding.  Auto Feed shredding is a direct response to research that shows that 53% of office workers shred in batches.  PIN lock the shredder while it shreds confidential documents for peace of mind and extra security.  It couldn't be easier for employees to comply with your paper security policy. They just load their stack of paper, shut the lid and they are done!